Disciplines of Dance


The foundation of dance that focuses on strength, poise, grace, discipline and self-confidence.


An advanced ballet technique on a full pointe.


An expressive and lively dance discipline combining contemporary moves and current music trends. Dancers can expect to develop coordination, musicality, flexibility and strength.


A high-energy dance that involves improvement in coordination, rhythm and movement as well as learning muscle memory and control. TDS Hip Hop students will be able to expand their skills into break dancing, locking, popping and gliding.


A movement that can be fluid and classical like ballet but still have the sharp, funky movement of jazz. This form of dance is expressive and tells a story by portraying an emotion through movement.


A unique form of dance that is a combination of both dance and gymnastics. This form of dance focuses on dance technique, flexibility, strength and control.


A discipline that teaches students to listen and create music with their feet. Tap is high- energy teaching rhythm and coordination.

(Glee) Song & Dance:

A combination of song and dance where students will learn how to create and learn harmonies, work as a team and develop musicality.


A fun and interactive class for ages 3 to 4!  Dancers will learn movement, timing and rhythm; as well as, being introduced to the basic positions and terminology of ballet and jazz.